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08 February 2010

Line in the Sand


I mentioned previously the war between the Texans and the Mexicans in 1836.

"Drawing a line in the sand," is often used to suggest that it is a demarcation between a perceived "us" and a "them." That is not exactly the Texan understanding, and certainly not the meaning behind Colonel Travis's line.

The sense of mission is not furthered if it is an "us verses them" in the most base sense.

It is not a boundary which separates, it is boundary of transcendence. All of us start on the same side of that line. Austin drew it and made it clear that he wanted to be on one side of that line-- the side which he had never crossed before; but he was ready, he was convinced that he, personally, needed to cross it. Then he looked at his men, and asked them to join him, transcend, become something more.

No one must cross that line, and no one should-- unless, inside, they know that who they are, or who they want to be, needs to cross that line. Travis merely invited those souls to do so.

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