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17 May 2015

Hacked Friday night from Houston area

Just interesting that my Google account was compromised Friday night.  As all of mine are, it's a tough password-- not the kind you can guess.

Using some sneaky tools of my own, it looks like, besides synching, every single post on this blog was accessed.  A public blog, which no one reads, but which for a few hours, had access to the unpublished drafts--about a hundred.

Looks like nothing changed-- but I've not the time to verify.

I bet something comes of this.  I mean, besides an auto synch, this is what the hacker wanted to see?

Hmm.  Doesn't leave many suspects-- but does point-- but then again, so does the IP address.

Oh, and here's a random picture-- because blog articles
and Facebook posts require them

28 January 2015

The Austin, Texas, Mountain Cedar Page

At first, all I had been told about Austin's Mountain Cedars was that the pollen made the evening skies a beautiful purple and provided for amazing sunsets.  Liars!

Isn't that a lovely shade?

It turns out, that the tree is really a juniper, not a cedar.  The official Latin name is, Juniperus ashei

I studied a little Latin:

juni for "worthless" + perus for "plant" and ashei which is the word for "hateful."  Worthless plant, hateful.

For the first year, I was kind of like...

Could explain my grades that year.

I moved back to Fort Worth where the early cowpokes either strung-up or shot every mountain cedar caught north of the Brazos River; and so enjoyed October through March again, which was kind of like...

But then I was transferred back to Austin a few years later, and by December, I was thinking like...

I have a moral duty to:
Kill.  These. Damned. Trees.

The company transferred me back to Fort Worth; then off to grad school in Wisconsin; back to Fort Worth; off to California; and back near Fort Worth again. 

Then, ten years ago, I was back in Austin, and the first October, I was like...

We have a moral duty to make these trees suffer!

By February, I was like...

My God!  The trees are attacking!

And like...

If war is what these trees want, then...

But after ten years of this, I'm like...

Gotta go!  We're doomed!