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28 October 2010

But, apparently not The Rose-Headed Eight-Bescaled-Tenticled and Winged Thing?

The Green Girl

Okay, I noticed the girl first, too.

27 October 2010

Minipenny Versus Moneypenny

Moneypenny (by Lois Maxwell
Just for Mo.

25 October 2010

Mars needs trees

15-Feb-2008 from thisisnthappiness

Sunrise from Mars, or maybe it is sunset.  The distance, the colors and the knowledge that the subject is familiar yet the perspective is alien.  Mars needs trees.

23 October 2010

I believe that love is ...

From 10 Aug 2010: thisisnthappiness
The caption reads, "The belief that love will transform and mature an individual is much like the primitive Indian notion that a vocation should be selected by going into a trance."

Really?  I believe that love is something like magic and that we should never break the magic.

By magic, of course, I mean the real spiritual power which the soul knows and sometimes sees and hears, but the mere world cannot touch.

Then again, I also believe I have never been loved by anyone who believed that.

21 October 2010

A Little Thing

Artwork from:
The first grade teacher had asked us to gather a few leaves from home and bring them to school the next day. I had been out sick so she let me pick some up from the playground.

We pasted the leaves onto colored construction paper and, with crayons at our disposal, we could decorate the project however we wished.

Of course, we all drew trees and pasted the leaves back where they belonged!

Gentle memories before hearts led and hearts broke.  Every child has done that project and almost every child pasted leaves back on a crayon tree.  And we were right to do it.