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Favorites and Why This?

Three thousand views on my little blog and at least as many draft stories as those you can read...

These are my personal favorites:

Late Dualism-- Welcome to the Party! (Sorry About the Trouble at the Door).

--This is also the most read post.  Thanks.  It feels good to have readers.

So a Priest, a farmer, and a Sheriff walk into this...  

-- I enjoying telling funny stories, but rarely write humor (except facebook comments), so I made myself tell this true story with a keyboard. 

On hearing a lullaby for the city.

 -- I don't rhyme as my mind does not put words together in that way.  I wish I could write poetry, but sometimes I manage to get close with prose.

A Little Thing

--  Children, crayons and the nature of being innocent.

Perseids, Freight Trains and Priestsong

 --More verse, no rhyme.

Harsh? Yes. But pachyderm related felonies dropped nearly 80%.

 -- The title as caption is all there is to it, but the linked article which inspired it is interesting.

Brain Zaps, Mysticism, Depression, SNRI’s

-- A bit self-revealing, but a good study.  The excerpts from sources are the best:  serious psychology which flies in the face of our post-modern self-assured agnosticism. 


Tragedy: Columbia

-- An article, or narrative (an editor would know the difference and choose one, but I didn't have to), on the Space Shuttle Columbia tragedy over Texas.  See if you can guess the main point from the writer's perspective.

Why This?

I write because I must. 

I tend to write as if telling a story to a friend and so it is mostly friends with whom I share my work.  I have a portfolio of stories no one has ever seen, some even finished, that I intend to have an editor look over before sending off to collect a stack of rejection letters. 

My friend suggested I reserve a wall from any artwork with the intent of pinning enough rejection letters to it so as to serve as wallpaper.  She says before I finish the wall, I will have some of my work published.   I'll probably do that this year.  I just moved to a new and larger apartment, and so have several walls from which to choose.

Meanwhile, I write stories I need to tell and put most of them here.  I don't make any money doing this but my stories have a life beyond me through this blog.  Funny, I can create a title for a story-- other than the title that the story deserves and increase readership by a substantial amount.  I tested that on another blog which gets almost as many hits as this one does, even though I haven't posted to it for years.  I entitled a one sentence entry with a double entendre and a picture to go with it, and that is the third most visited page.  Those are tricks and I don't use them.

I use work instead.  A word processor, a muse, an alert mind and a love of reading are my main tools. 

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