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13 August 2010

Perseids, Freight Trains and Priestsong

Glass of sweet red Llano wine, a cigar,
sitting on the front porch looking up
at Cygnus and Vega, 

a train in the distance
lightly sounding its departure,
the six little flashes of light
would not have been worth the effort
if there had been any. 

A warm and gentle Texas night.
Snuff the cigar and stay, 

in the moment. 

Minutes pass, a brilliant
green and white streak
all the way across
my view through the pecan trees.  

Comes to mind,
Thou who hast made the Pleiades and Orion
and then I think of priestsong and standing alone
singing intimately to God on behalf of others
watching on. 
No one else sees me now. More time passes.
I head inside,
thinking I can sleep.

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