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21 December 2010

Must Be Getting Close (Fun with Google Earth)

I use Google Earth.  A lot.  With it, I often use USGS overlays which provide, among many other things, names of features such as creeks, hills, and valleys.  I was following up on two clues in looking for old family homesteads from the early 1800's, "back east" as we say in Texas.

While looking for feature names which might indicate an association with my ancestors (e.g., Gray's Creek or Butt Valley) these are two upon which I stumbled which made me smile:

Peckerwood Hollow
Holy Butt! (Batman!)

Yes, like everyone else, there are quite a few Butts in my ancestry.  I come from a long line of Butts.  I am half-Butt myself, and so come by it naturally.  My great-grandfather, Horace, was (of course) called Harry Butt.  No matter how fine one's sense of humor may be, it should never appear in the naming of one's children... yet, my ancestry on that side of my family does include "Ophelia Butt."

While using for some of my research, I ran across a very distant relative but not a direct ancestor named James T. Kirk.  He lived before cameras were invented and so there were no pictures.  I, however, added one-- it just seemed the thing to do:

So, I end with a list my favorite real-life names:

  • Bunky Hill;
  • the twins, Kelly Green and Forrest Green;
  • I met him as Major Marvel, but many had known him back when he was a Captain; and
  • Major Powers (and he was a Chaplain, at that!)

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