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18 July 2011

End of the Shuttle Links

To follow the last days of the NASA Space Shuttle Program, some links of interest.

The Shuttle's final landing is set to occur at 4:57 Houston Time on 21-Jul-2011.

* Deorbit and Landing procedure (using prior flight)
--This is the transcript of the public announcements of each general step in the de-orbit burn and landing of STS- 115, which used nearly the same path and time as is scheduled for STS-135 on Thursday, 21-Jul-2011

* Real Time Shuttle/ISS Position
-- Using the ISS, the user can switch to the Shuttle (STS-135) or any other of a large number of satellites being tracked.

* Real Time Shuttle tracking using Google Earth (download page)
-- NASA's (Beta test) software for crew spacecraft tracking.  Included download for real time tracking as well as static display of launch and landing points with useful data.

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