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08 May 2012

Only six more months of mariginalizing

Sitting with coffee, and having the day off from work, I light a cigar and see what there is to see on facebook.  
What I see is that the political season has begun...

My Republican friends are posting about Democrat lies and failures.
My Democrat friends are posting about Republican lies and failures.

My friends have convinced me:  Both parties represent lies and failure and so do not deserve my vote-- and so will not get it.

So now what?

So now we allow liars and failures to define our own ideologies for us, tell us the polarized options, teach us how to demonize one another so as to silence the make-believe "them" -- all so that known liars and failures remain in control?

Show me a candidate who wants to unite-- NOT as "us against them" but FOR one another (I and Thou); seeks to share our hopes and dreams, and articulate those for us; will acknowledge the reasonableness of widely disparate ideologies, and show us how to do the same.

You won't show me such a candidate because you can't. Our system does not allow such candidates into power.

And until enough of us are outraged by that-- our votes hurt us, separate us, and disappoint us.

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