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01 October 2012

A Good Morning.

Good morning!

It was 57 degrees this morning before dawn. Had a light, but long sleeve, shirt on for the first time since the short Texas Spring. As usual, I start work at 5:30, but have twenty minutes of nothing to do but wait at about six-- my favorite time of the day.

All is quiet, and I sit cross-legged under a street light and a tree at the rear of our parking lot, and look up at the stars-- sometimes with coffee, and sometime with a cigar-- this morning it was both.  It is one of my "special places" and I go there for a reason every morning.

Orion was high in the East, Jupiter higher above his head, and the nearly full Moon to the West and, as always, I begin the Daily Office of Morning Prayer-- with only birds and perhaps a few angels near enough to hear. An order of Sisters live in a Chapter House on the other side of the fence and I often wonder if they are praying the same... the unknown Spiritual Community... and the unseen one...

And the birds, when I return to that parking lot at about seven fifteen-- now it was my turn to listen to their morning praise.  Several mockingbirds, quite a few grackles and two dove make up "the regulars" and they flutter about and we all listen to two Mockingbirds sing all our songs into one.

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Evelyn Sue Donahoe said...

Beautiful! Early moening is something I usually see from the bottom - as the end of my night, rather than the beginning of my day. Orion and the angels are with me, too. The birds, however, are waiting for you!