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06 July 2010

Whales [NSLT (Not Suitable for Lunch Time)]

This just in...


Which is fondly reminiscent of...


A classic!  The first I saw of it was on some real-videos kind of show and narrated, I think, by Hugh Downs.

And that one reminds me of a video which once existed, but apparently is now lost-- saw it myself...

The base story is this.

According to the article, the origin of the motorcycle version is no older than 1984-- but I am certain it was in the late 1970's when I first saw it on the Dallas/Fort Worth CBS, NBC or ABC affiliate (channel 4, 5 or 8, in those days).  The male Noon news anchor, got so tickled reporting it, that the went to a break and he eventually gave up on trying to complete the story-- lost in laughter while his co-anchor took over as he tried to pull himself together.  He never did, and I so wish the local affiliate had saved that wonderful moment.

That version, for urban legend researchers, was the man had bought a motorcycle and parked it on the patio beside the sliding glass door.  The motorcycle fell over, throwing him and the bike through the glass.  He went to the hospital for stitches and soon after returning home, he went to the bathroom with a cigarette.  His wife had sopped up the gasoline with paper towels and disposed of them in that toilet.  So, when he tossed the cigarette in the toilet, the fumes exploded, and the poor man was heading back to the hospital.

I distinctly recall sitting in my parents bedroom, which had a sitting area and a TV, watching it with my mother-- and that rather proves to me that the report was in the 1970's, or perhaps that one semester round 1980-ish when I was taking college classes while living at home.

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