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27 January 2014

Police State-- We Do Not Need More Cops If We Have to Hire Bad Ones.

I ran across this video, doing the ghastly work of sifting through reports found at The CATO Institute.

As the Boy Scouts, churches, and other organizations have so painfully learned, predators are attracted to careers and work which put them in power positions over their prey.  When are the Police recruiters going to do the same?

The police need to be hunting the predators who carry badges-- it is not like the good ones do not have some idea of what behavior marks a predator as such.

No one wants to be a "snitch" but we must protect the innocent from predators. 

In the Church, we are trained to look for signs.  We keep a silent suspicion of anyone volunteering to work with youth, for example.  We check everyone through the Texas DPS sexual predator website (and most states have something similar).  We do background checks and require volunteers to then take the same courses so that we are all watchdogs-- sheepdogs, really-- who know the wolves are out there.  Moreover, cergy are subjected to a battery of psychological tests and profiling, before being ordained-- because they are expected to be the chief shepherd).

I imagine, that the officers who work with the predator seen in that video had been suspicious of that man prior to this, but (as extreme as it is) it is becoming increasingly common.  I have never heard of a policeman being terminated because his peers suspect he manifests traits of a predator.  Why?

And, by the way, if you hear a police officer yell, "Stop resisting!"  You better be watching.  Do not assume the person was resisting.  I have seen that tactic used twice on a perfectly peaceful and complaint person being arrested.  If you can safely do so, especially from a distance, it is a good idea to make it a routine to video any arrest you witness being made.

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