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07 November 2012

God versus Country

This nation is not, nor has it ever been, the Promised Land. I reject "manifest destiny" concept of the US. My faith neither legislates to others, nor does it allow itself to be legislated by others-- it is utterly divorced from the world and its ways.

I think one of the best things that can happen for the faithful-- is to hear a resounding NO! from the world and the worldly. The true faithful are set apart from that world. We live in it as strangers, and so we let the world have its ways-- and God will have His ways, for us-- and for those who seek Him. Whether we like it or not: Ours is the better portion-- the spiritual, mostly unseen, in this life.

If we truly live as enemies to the world, then we are the hunted and not the hunters. We are behind enemy lines and with few resources, tend to our neighbor, but not to his government. I hope most American faithful begin to see this truth-- because then our faith becomes something truly powerful in its intimacy with the Most High God, and no longer mixed with positioning based upon worldly matters, but on how one seeks, and is found by, God.

– WCG+ 7-Nov-12

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